2013-12-19 / Front Page

Fourth of July fireworks to return to South Amboy


SOUTH AMBOY — Officials in South Amboy recently announced that the city would again partner with Perth Amboy for a Raritan Bay waterfront Fourth of July fireworks display.

The announcement for the 2014 event was posted on the city’s Facebook page, where it received more than 60 likes.

“Mayor Henry has renewed a partnership with the City of Perth Amboy that will raise funds to bring a beautiful display to Raritan Bay for all to enjoy,” the message read.

South Amboy Business Administrator Camille Tooker said her hope is that the waterfront walkway repairs to damage caused by superstorm Sandy will be complete in time for the event. If not, the event will still be held.

People will be mainly in the park, and the walkway does not directly impede park access, Tooker said.

She said more details would be forthcoming on the 2014 event.

In 2012, the city hosted its first fireworks display in more than a decade, at no cost to taxpayers. Due to a lack of funding, the city did not present a fireworks event during this year’s Fourth of July.

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