2011-08-04 / Letters

Keep watchful eyes open to preserve children’s safety

A s a parent, let me start by sending my heartfelt condolences to the entire Kletzky family. I was watching the news this morning when I heard about the fate of young Leiby. I was sickened to the pit of my stomach.

It is incomprehensible to any decent human being how anyone could do this to a child. Sadly, this sort of evil can happen anywhere these days. That is why we, as parents, adults and concerned citizens, all must be vigilant. I’m sure many of us have asked ourselves, “Why couldn’t that young boy have encountered someone decent instead of this evil?” Why? Regretfully, we will probably never know the answer to that question … same goes for Caylee Anthony. I was driving to work recently and observed some suspicious activity. Even though the person involved wasn’t actually committing any crime, something in my gut told me that something just wasn’t right. So I called the police and let them know about it. When our gut feeling tells us something is wrong, it probably is. It’s so vital to make a call to the police or a 911 dispatcher when we feel there is something wrong. It is better to make a call that ends up not being needed than not to make a call that so desperately is.

Who knows why this sickness of harming children is so prevalent in our society today? We need to go beyond community watch or neighborhood watch. All of us, no matter where we are, New York, New Jersey or anywhere else for that matter, need to watch out for everybody’s kids.

The eyes of security cameras are great for gathering information, but usually after the fact when it’s already too late. Our eyes, the watchful eyes of a parent, the watchful eyes of a police officer or fireman or mail carrier, the soccer mom, the average Joe, are the most effective tools we could ever ask for. We are the ones who can stop evil in its tracks.

Let’s all keep a watchful eye. I promise I will. Hopefully, you will, too.

Allan Barr East Brunswick

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