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Sayreville grad turns love of writing into business

Former poetry club member launches creative and technical writing company

Brian Roberts Brian Roberts SAYREVILLE — What started in eighth grade as recreational poetry turned into a passion and even a career for one recent graduate of Sayreville War Memorial High School.

Brian Roberts, 19, has started up a company centered on creative and technical writing. He has professionalized his passion by working to help those who may not be as communicatively adept.

“My personal interest and love lies in writing, and luckily, it happens to be a service that’s always in demand,” Roberts said. “Fact is, it’s something that everybody does all the time whether they like it or not, and it’s necessary to succeed in any facet of any industry.”

His business, Genesis Writers, is a commercial writing company that specializes in creative and technical writing needs for businesses. Using speech drafting, newsletters, brochures, and advertising copy, to name just a few, the company helps businesses and professionals market their services.

“It encompasses anything that really has to do with communication,” Roberts said. “Whether it’s that business plan or menu, no matter what it is, you’re going to need to convey that. Not everyone is confident in writing, but it’s a fundamental need.”

Roberts’ transformation from recreational writer to business owner began after he graduated from high school last year. He realized through his research and personal experience that he’d like to take life by the reins, rather than test his luck after graduating from college.

“I just said, ‘You know what? I’m accustomed to working in a freeform environment and pursuing my own destiny, so why don’t I do that?’ ” Roberts said. “I didn’t want to do the regular 9-to-5 thing. I felt it really wasn’t for me. ”A

s founder and sole employee of Genesis Writers, it is imperative that Roberts take advantage of both his creative and technical insight. He has used knowledge and abilities gained in various extracurricular activities, as well as in technical and creative writing and business classes, to build his portfolio of skills. Roberts is nearing the end of his first year as a writing major at Middlesex County College, Edison.

His passion for the written word budded as an eighth-grader when he began writing poetry as a way to express himself. He headed to local cafés and gained a bit of recognition on the poetry front. He then became a co-founder of the high school’s poetry club, which started with just a few members and quickly shot up to 120-plus.

“I was always anxious and eager to recite poetry [at school],” he recalled. “Then a teacher told me about Poetry Slam. I didn’t think I was ready for that, but I decided to give it a shot anyway.”

Poetry Slam is a competition for writing and reciting poetry, and “making it come to life,” according to Roberts.

After advancing to the top 200 from 3,200 competitors in his first Poetry Slam, Roberts quickly saw a spike in his confidence, and he branched out to various types of writing.

“I started to really enjoy English class,” he said.

From there, he eventually made it to the state competition for public speaking through the Future Business Leaders of America club at the high school.

“I became much more confident about writing and speaking to people, and trying to communicate and convey my ideas to a lot of people,” he said. “What started as wanting to express myself snowballed, and progressed to me expressing myself and trying to help others so they, too, can be successful.”

He began marketing himself and establishing his business. Though he is the sole employee of Genesis Writers at the moment, the company’s expansion is a possibility if projects keep developing, Roberts said.

In the future, Roberts hopes to excel as a motivational speaker. He said he can see himself traveling the world and inspiring people to take action in their own lives.

“I could show them how to properly implement certain steps to take that action and turn it into a physical manifestation of sorts, a goal, to help people realize their dreams,” he said.

And what advice does the young entrepreneur have for others at this juncture?

“Hone your craft and make yourself the best at what you do,” he said. “Make it a part of you, who you are, and practice it all the time.”

He said the three most important attributes necessary to become successful are quality, quantity and character.

“You have to be a smart worker, a good worker and a hard worker at the same time. If you’re not constantly pushing something, it may seem you do not believe in it,” he said. “If you’re going to be a good person, if you’re going to stay true to a certain set of core values that aren’t going to harm people, and if you believe in something that’s going to help people, they will listen.”

Roberts has followed his own advice and has made writing a part of his life.

“I do it whether or not I get paid, because I believe in it that much,” he said. “Basically, it’s my life, and it’s evident in everything I do by making it a part of all facets of my life.”

Roberts is also working on his first book, “Success: Reshaping the American Dream; Stories From the People Who Have Made It.”

To learn more, visit www.GenesisWriters. com or contact Roberts at Info@GenesisWriters. com.

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